Theft control systems for garments


Radio Frequency Identification or best known as RFID is the most popular product among several garment stores, malls, companies and organizations and many more business houses. Because RFID tags and keep tracks of valuable products, assets and inventories.

RFID how it works

RFID systems need a transponder which is nothing but a microchip connected to an antenna. This is known as Tag. This tag is then tagged to a certain valuable items in a warehouse for instance. And another device called Reader sends messages to the tag via radio waves giving info about the movement of that tagged valuable items. Or the reader might receive communication from the tag vice versa. Depending on the type of tags detailed information or simple identification numbers are exchanged between the two. An RFID reader receives data from nearly 1000 tags per second. This is how the RFID tracks monitors and manages your valuable assets like inventories, luggage, livestock, and rare books and many more.

There are various fields and segments where this technology is widely used. RFID technology is best used in theft controlling. RFID chips can be used in car keys for security. Counterfeited drugs could be obstructed from entering into the legal supply systems and smart labels and security labels too.

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